Data processing

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Your access to your claims

No app to download, just an internet address: the TCM BE CLAIMS ONLINE website allows you to follow up each of your claims in detail, communicate with us and download statistics.

Please ask for login credentials if you wish.


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Power BI

Your statistics on the Creditors online facility are produced by Microsoft’s Power BI. When you log in, you have immediate access to the state-of-the-art tool offering you to crunch numbers in various ways and view charts.


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Integration with clients’ systems

If you are a adfinity / Count-e / exact / Yuki / 1616 or Casius client, an automated claims input system is built in.

We also develop API’s made to measure (‘Application Program Interface’; automated communication between your system and ours; reduces the administrative workload significantly) if your volume of claims justifies it.  Read more.  (see also Yuki example)


cloud computing

Cloud based

Debt collection is a matter of people, skilled, competent and trained to listen and advise. They need to be able to concentrate on the essential. Therefore, they must have appropriate tools.
Our computer systems are focused on this aim. Our collectors have all information at hand in a structured manner.

Our systems are all cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a simple web connection.

One of the most evident benefit of such structure is the possibility of home working.  The other evident benefit is easy access for clients to their portfolio.


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Creditors (and GDPR) demand security in terms of backup and access (hacking).

  •  Back up’s: these systems are backed upin the most professional way. We should never lose information or be prevented from working for more than a few hours if something happens.
  • Main DB security: our AWS database is regularly checked through penetration testing, protected by layers of specific security software and maintained by a company with many skilled people: EASI.
  • E-mail security: our e-mail is filtered for malicious contents by a layer of specific software between Office365 and our pc.
  • Threats and malicious activity protection: our pc’s are secured with an Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security Platform. This system, called SentinelOne, monitors the pc activity, detects unusual tasks and can even roll back to the last safe situation in case of need.
  • Password tool and policy: all staff use a reputed password vault: Dashlane. This ensures that each application has its own password and that these are regularly modified.

 Skilled hackers will be able to slip through some cracks but if they are that skilled, we guess that they’ll have more interesting targets.


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Telephony is our essential collection tool: we need to be easily accessible (check us) and to link calls to subjects. We use voice over ip.

  • Identification: Incoming calls generate our collection software to list the caller’s claim and we can greet him with: “hello M. Smith …”; which boosts our efficiency.
  • Other communication tools: The system generates letters, e-mails, SMS etc.


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  • Incoming documents: all documents are scanned and inserted in the appropriate file in the database.
  • Outgoing documents: all outgoing documents are created as pdf and saved in the appropriate file in the database. When applicable, they are transferred to a third party to be physically sent by post.


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Banking and debtors’ payments

  • Our letters, emails and sms to debtors include a qr code (or link to payment application) which simplifies payment processing and minimalizes possible mistakes.
  • Payments form debtors go to a separate, dedicated bank account. Most payments carry the appropriate reference and allocated automatically -without intervention- to the right claim.
  • Every day, we download CODA files from the bank. Our system reads but does not allow to modify these payments. Hence, there is little room for errors.


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Remitting amounts collected and invoicing

  • We remit once a month. We could do more often, but it adds to your administration (not much for ours as it is all automated). We can also remit at any time, at your specific request.
  • We remit to the bank account specified in your contract or specifically asked, in writing, by yourself. Your bank account details are secured in our database and manual tasks are minimalized to avoid mistakes.
  • Any amount collected in a claim and not yet remitted is automatically selected by the system to create an invoice (remittance report). Payment follows.