FAQ – frequently asked questions

   Introduce a new claim

What do we need to provide when introducing a new claim?
When introducing a new claim, please provide us with copies of all supporting documents you have:

  • Invoices or equivalent
  • Contract signed by both parties and/or General Sales Conditions applicable to your claim (if you are a school, a copy of the housekeeping rules signed by the parents)
  • Reminders and summons sent to the debtor as well as his communications to you regarding this debt

It is essential for you to provide us with all you know about contacting your debtor. For instance:

  • Name of the company
  • VAT number
  • Surname and given name of the debtor or person in the debtor company that ordered the purchase
  • Full address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Anything useful to contact him/her

!! Please consider that sending emails with information on private individuals is not recommended.  Please use our secured Platform!!


I’d need an update on a claim. What should I do?
  • You can connect any time to the Platform (with login-password) and view the up to date situation of any of your claims.
  • You can contact TCM any time for specific questions.

   You got a payment

I received a payment from the debtor regarding a claim entrusted to you. What should I do?
When you receive a payment on an ongoing claim, please inform us immediately through the Platform (or by email if there is no privacy sensitive information included). Doing so will allow us to handle your claim in a professional way hence boost your own professional image with your client, the debtor.

Please specify the date as well as the exact amount received.

   Costs paid by debtor

Why can’t I get the debtor to pay the collection costs?
The current Belgian legislation has it that we can’t charge the full collection costs on the debtor.

When the debtor is a consumer, articles 3 and 5 of the 2002 law on consumer debt collection prohibit any cost not expressly agreed with the debtor.

When the debtor is a company, the law allows an interest on 8% / year basis (1st half year 2018, modified each half year) and a compensation of 40 EUR.

However, having General Sales Conditions is highly recommended.

   Platform, modify email

Why can’t I modify my email address in « My preferences »?
Your email address is a unique identifier in our system. Hence it cannot be simply modified, for technical reasons.

If you wish to change it, please contact us. We’ll proceed to the updates required.

   Amount due

What about the amount to be paid by the debtor?
When entrusting a claim, it is essential that we get details on the amounts to be claimed.

The TCM system computes the total to be claimed according to your general sales conditions (or the contract between the debtor and you). Hence interests and a fixed charge are computed and added to the principal amount of your claim.

Therefore, we need to know:

  • The invoices’ numbers, dates, due dates and initial amounts
  • The payments that you received from the debtor prior to entrust the claim with their dates and amount and possibly which invoice it relates to

Our system will then compute the full amount due by your debtor.

   ‘Notification’ file, email

I got an Excel « notification » file from TCM. What is this?
Your TCM claims manager has the option to notify actions to you. For instance an email received from the debtor, a payment or other events. This allows you to read about what moved in your claims through one daily email (instead of forwarding each action separately).

In such Excel file, you will find your reference number, the action date, the action type (email incoming, email outgoing, incoming phone call, outgoing phone call, etc.) the claim status, the debtor name and the full message text.

   TCM got a payment

TCM has received a payment. When will I receive the money on my bank account?
TCM remits all collected sums every month.

   TCM remittances

How can I get a TCM remittance detail?
TCM sends remittance details at the end of each month to your email address.

   Privacy GDPR

PRIVATE LIFE: Information pertaining to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Please click here for more information on our privacy policy and privacy laws compliance.


How to communicate with TCM on an ongoing claim?
TCM sees to it that its collection efforts and results are transparent to you. Please feel free to ask any question at any time.

You can contact us in many ways:

  • By phone (general phone number +32 16 74 52 00)
  • By connecting to our Platform and send a secured message
  • Preferably not via e-mail as your message might include data subject to privacy laws (Mr. X owes X€ …).

We’ll be happy to answer your calls and messages within 24h maximum. Naturally, some questions imply more work and could delay a comprehensive reply.  Anyway, our aim is to make the claim progress and it entails prompt answers to your questions.

Note: please include our claim reference number in your question (it looks like 000/0000/00000) or at least your own reference and/or the debtor’s name so as to avoid misunderstandings.


What kind of statistic may I require from TCM?
A monthly statistic is sent to your email address every month (except if you opted out). It includes open claims and claims closed in the last month.

The Platform allows to select claims and download a file including the main elements (references, amounts, status, etc.).

We also offer bespoke statistics if required.

   Interests & costs

TCM collected the principal debt amount. What now?
Late payment entails rights and obligations for creditors and debtors.

As a creditor, you can establish General Sales Conditions (GCS) including interests and compensation for late payment. The law restricts the possibilities more in B2C than B2B. Such compensation money can alleviate the cost that the creditor incurs from delayed payment.

Naturally, any additional amount that TCM collects for you reduces the real cost of the debt collection service and increases your net back. It is therefore recommended for you to develop General Sales Conditions, which may be more beneficial than the common legal situation.  TCM will seek payments of compensation costs too.

As a debtor, the law imposes that you pay your bills in time, as agreed with the creditor. Not doing so is a fault. Hence compensation costs can be added to your original debt. You are legally liable for such costs as set by law or by the contract agreed with your creditor back when you ordered the goods or services. It is therefore recommended for you to read such sales conditions before you order. Thereafter, they will be deemed as agreed upon.


I lost my password for the secured TCM Platform. What can I do?
A login – password is required to log into our online secured collection Platform.

The login is your e-mail address.

If you forgot your password, please go to the Platform and enter your e-mail address. Then click “Forgot password”. The system will then send you an e-mail and you can introduce the password of your choice, then get instant access to your claims.

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