Debt Collectors Association ABR-BVI

All over the world, Debt collection companies group into associations to boost their member’s professionalism, promote their business and get their point of view heard by regulating authorities.

  • The world’s biggest is ACA International from the USA.
  • In Europe, the FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations) groups European debt collectors associations (including the Belgian ABR-BVI).
  • In Belgium, the sole debt collectors association is the ABR-BVI.

The members of the Belgian Collectors Association (ABR-BVI) are the most professional actors of this trade. They are selected on the basis of the quality of their services. To become and remain a member, such debt collection office must have a specific structure and strictly maintain minimum solvency and liquidity criteria.  Besides, they need to sign and apply a strict code of conduct and ethics. The ABR-BVI is the sole and only debt collectors association (or federation) in Belgium.  It is a member itself of the FENCA (European Federation of Debt Collectors Association).

TCM Belgium is a member of the ABR-BVI.

Updated 06/03/2017

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