Essenscia Federation Chemistry and Life Sciences industries

With a 70 billion EUR global turnover, the Belgian Chemical sector represents 25% of all Belgian manufacturing activity. Base chemicals account for 39%, followed by pharma with 33% whilst the remaining third includes plastics, rubber, soap, paints etc. The sector is quite innovative with one new patent every day! It accounts for 1/3 of Belgian goods exports.

TCM has a partnership with essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries. We work with several members of the federation for receivables on Belgian and foreign located debtors. The top destination countries of Essenscia members are Germany (20%); France (12%) and USA (10%) where TCM is naturally active. Exports to other countries increase and TCM’s global network in over 100 countries is quite useful to essenscia members.

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Updated 7 June 2017


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