TCM Belgium has partnered with several Belgian federations.  We work together towards a bespoke solution for each of their members. These members may entrust many claims or just a few, for smallish or big amounts and for Belgian located debtors or elsewhere in the world.

Agoria assists Belgian-located companies that strive to improve the quality of life through technological innovation.  With its expert centres and Market teams as well as Industry teams, Agoria offers its members support to help answering many questions that such companies are confronted with.

Agoria considers TCM to be the ideal debt recovery partner to assist its members and reduce their DSO. TCM also invests heavily in technology so as to reduce costs and improve its staff efficiency resulting in an outstanding service.

Belgian Confederation for Wood

The Belgian Confederation for Wood boosts cooperation in forest works and exploitation, sawing and trading of wood.  They support and reinforce the common interests of their 200 members.

Regarding communication, transmission of knowledge and support in (inter)national interests the Belgian Confederation for Wood and TCM are indeed made out of same wood. This partnership allows members to find a straightforward and efficient way to solve an unpaid invoice.

CWE, Club Wallonie Export
The CWE (Club Wallonie Export) is an essential partner for companies in their international expansion policy. It assists those who already have a long-standing experience in export but naturally also the companies who never exported but are motivated and have a potential capacity to do so.
The CWE strives to inform, support and advise through enriching friendly meetings. CEO’s meet CEO’s and learn from each other. Sometimes they develop common concrete actions.
The striking feature of CWE is their club status: men and women involved in daily business as well as finances specialists, insurers and consultants exchange on concrete issues and design strategies and realistic solution for boosting exports.
A cooperation with TCM for international receivables seemed therefore evident. Debt collection is a question of proximity with the debtor, which is exactly what TCM offers to the CWE Members through their extended local network of competent specialists.


Essenscia is the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries.  Chemistry is Belgium’s largest exportation sector. Growth is mainly due to highly qualified staff and substantial investment, including abroad. Belgium’s geography makes it an ideal location for logistics and sustains substantial international activity.

Cooperation with TCM and its unique international competence was evident. Recovery of claims all over the world is handled locally and debtors can be visited; which explains outstanding results.

Febetra is the Royal Federation of Belgian Transportation and Logistic service providers. Belgium is ideally located at the heart of Europe and has countless transportation companies that make this heart beat. However, the terms of prescription are quite short in this trade.

Globalisation has generated opportunities but challenges too as legal and customary business behaviours remain widespread from one to another European country. TCM has significant experience in Belgium but also on the 5 continents.

The INFOPOLE Cluster TIC groups the professionals of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They promote business and innovation through partnerships. It extends today to 130 members, including 20 universities and training and research centres. INFOPOLE’s mission are to stimulate networking and maximize interactions, boost its members’ economic development, enhance skills, contribute to decompartmentalization of the actors and make co-innovation a priority.
The partnership with TCM is a unique opportunity for the Cluster’s members, mostly SME’s, to benefit from professional help and support in debt collection issues at conditions which they could not have been offered without such global partnership.

UPV (Union Professionnelle Vétérinaire) and VDV are the leading veterinarian federations in respectively Wallonia and Flanders. Members of these federations can entrust even their smallest claims to TCM. There is indeed no subscription or minimum amount or volume required. TCM’s service is provided under the no cure no charge system.

Claims in this trade can be smallish and the debtor is often located in the vet’s neighbourhood, which makes it delicate for the vet him/herself to handle. TCM handles all claims in an ethical and personalized way. Even sensitive unpaid items are treated in a positive way.