data processing

The TCM BE CLAIMS ONLINE website allows you to follow up each of your claims in detail, communicate with us and download statistics.

Please ask for login credentials if you wish.


Debt collection is a matter of people, skilled and trained to listen and advise. They need to be able to concentrate on the essential. Therefore, they must have appropriate tools.
Our computing systems are focused on this aim. Our collectors have all information at hand in a structured manner.

Besides, the creditors require access to the stand of their claims and demand security in terms of backup. Possible hacking should be limited in the most efficient way.

TCM combined these requirements:

  • Our software and databases are cloud based (Amazon Web Services). They can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a simple web connection. However, security is build in so as to avoid abuse. Our provider is a company with many skilled people: EASI.
  • Emails are on the MS Office 365 platform. This system allows us to manage our mails from anywhere.
  • Even our telephony is web based (voice over IP).

These systems are backed up in the most professional way. We should never lose information or be prevented from working for more than a few hours if something happens.

We also use an automated dialer in some cases.

Moreover, for incoming calls and if the caller’s number is known in our data base, the screen shows the caller’s claim and we can greet him with: “hello M. Smith …”; which boosts our efficiency.


Banking and debtors payments

Payments form debtors go to a separate, dedicated bank account. Most payments carry the appropriate reference and alloated automatically -without intervention- to the right claim.

Every day, we download CODA files from the bank. Our system does not allow to modify these payments. Hence, there is no mistake.

We take care of your money.


Remitting amounts collected and invoicing

We remit once a month. We could do more often but it adds to your administration (not much for ours as it is all automated).

Any amount collected in a claim and not yet remitted is automatically selected by the system to create an invoice (remittance report). Payment follows.


Integration with clients’ systems

Your IT system can communicate with our system through an API (Application Program Interface). This reduces the administrative workload significantly. Read more.