Debt collection process

As soon as we get your claims details, we confirm receipt back to you.  We start our amicable actions simultaneously.  The law stipulates that B2C (consumer) claims has a special treatment.

(Note: the general process set out here below may vary slightly depending on your requirements or on circumstances.)


For B2C (consumer) claims, we start with a letter to the debtor, then need to wait 15 days minimum before to initiate a new action (by law).  Once this wait term is passed, we actively seek payment in the most appropriate way: telephones, SMS (text mobile device), letter, email, fax, etc.  If 20 days later, no useful result has been acknowledged, we propose to send a street collector to meet the debtor at home.  If the address is problematic, we propose skip tracing.  If such visit to debtor doesn’t yield the expected result, we propose court action if appropriate.


For B2B (business) claims, we have no obligation to apply a minimum waiting period. We send a letter and verify immediately the whereabouts of your debtor; and possibly find some alternative contact details. We also check his apparent solvency.  Within 9 days after the first letter, we will have made a few alternative attempts to get payment.  Soon thereafter, we propose to send a street collector if appropriate.  Eventually, if the debtor seems solvent but of bad will, we will possibly propose court action (only 1% of our claims reach this stage).