meeting debtors at their place

90% of debtors met do make a payment during such visit

When letters and telephone calls don’t work, we go visit your debtors. Face to face meetings yield excellent results; perhaps because it is done gently. Many debtors take this last opportunity to explain their problem and – in many cases – to make a payment in a positive, solution finding atmosphere.

TCM Belgium have its team of on site visitors to debtors (street collectors).

Visitors are equipped with an iPad (connected to our debt collection data base) showing maps with the visits to be done (helps organizing efficiently); containing all relevant data on a claim including scans of invoices or other relevant documents at stake. iPad also allow to take pictures for instance proving a payment done or whatever useful information. Visit reports are immediately registered in our data base.

We collect cash sometimes but, as visitors are also equipped with wireless payment terminals, most pay with a bank or credit card. Debtors get a receipt immediately for any payment and a confirmation by email in no time.

On-site visits results in payments but also, when no payment is made, to get a fair idea of the chances that a payment will happen one day.