Summons letter

A summons letter is a letter whereby a creditor, a debt recovery company, a solicitor or a bailiff formally requires the payment of a sum owed by a debtor.

The summons letter is similar to a letter of demand formal notice and the reminder letter. Advice on how to formulate a summons letter along with a sample text are available on this website.

The difference between summons and a demand letter, pertaining to Belgium and its legal system, is a bit theoretical. In case of a later legal action, you need to prove that you required payment undoubtedly and clearly. Hence the use of “we summon you to pay the sum of …” is an efficient wording because it leaves little room for interpretation. Whether you call it a summons letter or a demand letter makes no difference. The concept of the reminder letter is also very similar, but its content may be somewhat vaguer and slightly softer in tone.

Updated 17/10/17

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