TCM is a debt collection company. TCM offers creditors to boost their cash flow.


Amicable debt collection services (or amicable debt recovery) strive to obtain debtors payments without going to courts.  At TCM, it works for 99% of the claims, meaning that only 1% of receivables end up in a tribunal.

The main advantages are: shortening the process, reducing the costs and the better feelings left after a constructive, amicable solution (as compared to a tribunal fight).

   Meeting debtors at their place

90% of the debtors met during a home visit pay on the spot. On-site visits also make it possible, in the absence of payment, to report on the debtors’ solvency


TCM organises trainings for credit controllers and any person confronted with unpaid debts.


Money knows no borders and neither do we! Supported by an effective global debt-collection network, TCM collects your debts in more than 100 countries.

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